How We Met

The first time I met James, I crashed his birthday dinner, and the second time I spent any time with him, we saw Evil Dead, The Musical in Austin with a friend. It was one of my favorite movies at the time (I’m a little ashamed to admit that to you all) and continues to be a cult classic.

The musical was awesome, and while driving home from Austin that night, our friend fell asleep in the backseat. If you know me at all, you are likely aware that I hate driving at night as much as I love talking incessantly, so I spent the two hour drive asking James a bunch of questions and getting to know him.

On our first official date, I went to his mom’s house when he was home visiting for the holidays. He invited me to watch another funny zombie movie, and after the movie, I met his mom. She invited me to dinner the next night, not knowing that James and I barely knew each other.

After six months, I knew I would be with James forever. I decided to date him another nine years just to keep everyone guessing.

Brazos Bend, Jan 2010